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Visit the Lama Lama Information Centre at Port Stewart to learn more about our culture and the local history.The Donald Thompson photo collection, previously on display at the Victorian Museum shares images from the early 1900s. Concerns for Climate Change - August 2016 Read More

Lama Lama Country & People

The Lama Lama People are the Traditional Owners of land and waters extending several hundred kilometres around Princess Charlotte Bay, Eastern Cape York Peninsula, Australia.

Our Aakurru (home), is rich in natural biodiversity and cultural heritage. It is abundant with life and of immense significance to our people.

We are ‘sand beach people’. We are ‘saltwater people’. Terms given to describe our traditional lifestyle, and our strong cultural connection to our sea country, coastal landscapes and marine resources.

We are committed to maintaining our culture, supporting our families and caring for our homelands. We do this by coordinating community projects in natural resource management, Junior Ranger culture and education programs and community development.

Our Elders worked for many years to return to Country after being forcibly removed. Their passion, commitment and hard work has set a strong foundation of working together to build a future for our young people.

We are proud of our culture. We respect our Country. And we welcome you to learn more.

Lama Lama Land Trust

The Lama Lama Land Trust owns land and resources in trust on behalf of the Lama Lama people. Our key role is to make decisions about how country is managed and what projects and activities are co¬ordinated for the benefit of land, sea and people.

Yintjingga Aboriginal Corporation

The Yintjingga Aboriginal Corporation was formed by Lama Lama Traditional Owners living in Coen and Port Stewart. The corporation is a homelands based, not-for-profit organisation and our objectives include improving the social, cultural, environmental and economic wellbeing of our Lama Lama community. We manage projects on behalf of the Lama Lama Land Trust and the Lama Lama People. We are committed to our families – who we hope to see strong and confident; and to our Country – with much of our project work being focused on natural and cultural resource management.