We, the Lama Lama People, are the Traditional Owners of lands extending several hundred kilometres along Princess Charlotte Bay in Cape York Peninsula.

Our Country begins north of Maramba (Silver Plains Station) at Massey River and ends at the Normanby River. It extends from the base of the McIlwraith Range, forming part of the Great Dividing Range, to the coast and includes Marpa (Cliff Islands), Ngolpungonthorro / O’amalparru (Burkitt), Wukintyirri (Pelican) and Stainer Islands in Princess Charlotte Bay. The many stories and cultural sites associated with this vast landscape are testimony to the strong spiritual connection our people have maintained to Lama Lama Country.

After many years of campaigning for ownership of our traditional lands we received formal recognition of our Country in 1990, and by 2011 had obtained ownership of most of our traditional lands. Today the Lama Lama People through our corporate vehicle, the Yintjingga Aboriginal Corporation, implement and coordinate all activities on Country including the Lama Lama Ranger and Junior Ranger programs.

The Values that Guide us
  • We respect the land and all of our sacred places.
  • We value our families, our people and our communities.
  • We contribute ideas to each other.
  • We respect our Elders and our communities.
  • We are proud of our culture and our traditions and we welcome others with pride and with confidence to experience and respect it.
  • Land and sea people, and families, are core to everything we do.
Our Vision

Our vision is to be standing on Country together as one Lama Lama Community. We are strong families; proud of who we are, confident in who we are and proud of one another.

This vision is built on a strong base of community driven planning, where our families come together to talk about the future, and what they would like to see happening on Country.