Maramba I Yintjingga I Yaakarru I Tuulwa I Rindoparr I Marpa I Ngolpungonthorro/O’amalparru I Stainer I Wukintyirri

Lama Lama Country is rich in natural and cultural values.

Our Country is home to an array of plant and animal species, forming a high value coastal corridor on eastern Cape York Peninsula. Our Country is home to endangered and vulnerable habitats and species. It is a rich and diverse landscape.

Our Sea Country is abundant in sea life and holds many important sites and cultural places. The sea, and its natural resources, and our identity as Traditional Owners are inseparable. Our ancestors have always hunted and fished our Sea Country and we continue our cultural practices associated with hunting and fishing, handed on through tradition and Lore.

Lama Lama People own an estate of land and sea under Aboriginal Lore (Law) and the many stories and cultural sites associated with this landscape are testimony to our traditional lifestyle and long spiritual connection with the country.

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