YM2 – Lama Lama Cattle Enterprises

MarinaPlainsCow-bannerThe Lama Lama People have a long history of working on cattle stations in Cape York – especially those on Lama Lama Country.

Our Elders were skilled cattlemen and have passed on this knowledge to some of our younger generations. We remain connected to the industry through the small enterprise we manage from Maramba (Silver Plains Station) and the work we do removing feral cattle from protected areas. Tuulwa (Lilyvale Station) is leased to Glen and Susan Shephard, who families have lived and worked cattle on Lilyvale for a number of generations and worked with many of our old people.

The Lama Lama cattle enterprise was established when part of the old Silver Plains station was returned to the Lama Lama People. In more recent years, with the support of the Lama Lama Ranger program, it has grown with property and stock improvements. The operations are based at Maramba and YM2 is the brand we use.

Mustering of feral cattle is done between August and December each year. Our primary goal is to remove feral cattle from our protected areas, while building up our breeding stock. This is essential to help protect against the spread of weeds and loss of habitat due to erosion caused by feral animals, including cattle. The muster provides a small income for the Corporation and job opportunities for community members.

Tourism on Lama Lama Country

tourism-bannerVisitors to Lama Lama Country are offered a variety of experiences including camping and guided tours.

We offer bush camping at Maramba (Silver Plains Station) and campgrounds (with facilities) at Yintjingga (Port Stewart) Safari Camp. Camping at Maramba is currently closed and will re-open in 2020.

Our Bruce Rigsby Multi-Purpose Building is another highlight enjoyed by visitors. It plays host to a small collection of artefacts and photographs taken by anthropologist Donald Thompson who worked with the Lama Lama People throughout the 1920’s and early 1930’s.

Our Lama Lama Rangers are also available to offer small group guided tours on request. Prices vary and are subject to availability and seasonal conditions.

More information is available about visiting Lama Lama Country here.